Tree of Life Suncatcher 2 inch amber
The tree of life is known among many cultures and is both magical and mystical. The tree itself is comprised of the roots that grow deep into the earth a representation of Mother Earth while the trunk is the foundation allowing the branches to provide nourishment or nutrition, the leaves offer strength while the fruit offers food or fuel. The Tree of Life provides the breath of life, from the air. It also offers healing through its leaves. The branches reach out to the sun for nourishment, which is transferred through the leaves as life giving food. The roots grow deep in the soil where it is connected to Mother Earth and Father Sun the givers of life. The Tree of life is blessed and will not die. It is found throughout the Bible and ancient times and lives on. This Tree of Life is on a gold-tone metal ring with beautiful amber crystal rondel beads, and measures 2 inches in diameter. Each of our Tree of life products are made in a smoke free environment with high quality materials. This Tree of Life has amber colored round crystal beads for their beautiful colors. These would make the perfect gift for anyone on your gift giving list for any occasion.