THE STERILE STICK REAL AND BEAUTIFUL GERMICIDAL UVC LIGHT (SEE OUR VIDEO) Simply connect to a USB such as a power pack, computer, tablet or your USB adapter in your vehicle. You will receive: AS PICTURED 1- Handcrafted, Blue/Pink Tyed-dye, high-powered UV Sterile Stick with attached USB Comes in a beautiful maroon velour drawstring carrier. Add ons: (Purchase 2000mAh rechargable power pack for an additional cost) When fully charge, this battery pack will keep the Sterile stick running for 24 hours. Battery pack has a convenient on and off button. Protect yourself and your family in public and personal spaces by using this portable UVC emitting light stick with USB attached. Time exposure: 10-20 seconds for denaturation of germs. The closer you place the lights the quicker it kills/destroys microbes. Small and powerful, this 3" stick contains 4 high power and long-lasting UVC (270nm) LED lights. Please Note: Although, this stick is cute and easy to take along with you anywherel, it is not a toy for children to play with. Examples of usage: ATM machines, debit/credit cards Restaurant menus, drinking glasses, utensils, salt and pepper shakers, doorknobs, locks, eyeglasses, pens and other items that are touched often, steering wheel, door handle, keys, shifter phone, keyboard, other devices, PPE such as Goggles and masks (as they are compromised within 3 hours of use) Sink, faucets, toilet seat handle, toilet seat (you get it, yucky surfaces) Color may very due to differences on monitors. Product Disclaimer: Prolonged direct skin or eye exposure to UV light is strongly discourage as temporary eye and skin damage has been exhibited, such as cornea injury although this heals within a couple of days generally. Although this is UVC light, which is safer to humans, it is still suggested that you avoid using this item on your skin or directed at your eyes. Although UVC is a natural source of healing, there is a chance that skin damage can occur at uvc frequencies higher than 254nm This product is meant for the sterilization of inanimate objects for the benefit of the person or creature using the device. be sent out.