The Lamar: Pallet Table with Wooden Cross-section Supports
A quirky take on a classic piece, this cross-sectioned wooden pallet table is sure to be a great addition to your home or workplace. After sanding the original pallet wood down to a nearly smooth finish, other pallet boards were positioned to complete the table top for this unique centerpiece. This refurbished wooden pallet table is a functional addition to your home; full of character, it looks great in both rustic houses or those with a more modern feel. Covered lightly in a Golden Oak stain, the table is mostly smooth to the touch and stands 18" off the ground, is 47" wide and 43" across. The Lamar's sturdy X-shaped cross-sections that hold up the table really make this piece stand out. Two additional pallets were joined together to support the tabletop, forming the crossed support system shown above. Though not heavy, the table is much more stable than other coffee tables.