Grandmothers Birthstone Necklace
Additional Info. can be found at Ordering is Simple: 1.Select the Grandmother's Birth Month. 2. Select the chain length (18 inches is standard). 3. In the “Note from Buyer” box, list the Children’s and Grandchildren's Birth Month’s that you would like placed on the necklace, from Left to Right. Each ring will accommodate up to 8 birthstones. Example: Children: April, May, January, Grandchildren: May, April, June, Etc.. 4. Then press “ADD TO CART”. 5. Now press the “Cart” button to review your order, then press “Checkout” button. The Generations Necklace for Grandmother beautifully recognizes the people who are most precious in her life. Hand crafted in solid sterling silver and accented with genuine Swarovski birthstones, great attention has been given to every aspect of creating something that's as meaningful as it is beautiful. *The Grandmother's birthstone necklace is designed to grow as your family grow's! Additional Generational Rings and Birthstone Journals can be easily added to your original necklace at any time by visiting: * All Generational Rings will comfortably accommodate up to 8 Birthstone Journals. With 5 or less Children's birthstones, the Grandchildren's Ring will accommodate up to 13 Grandchildren's birthstones.