Menopause Relief – Gemstone and Sterling Silver Charm Necklace
So many symptoms and everyone is different..... This is what I put together - Pink Tourmaline, Moonstone, Amethyst and Aquamarine Pink Tourmaline is generally one of the best gems for women. Its energy empowers a woman's strengths and supports a woman's reproductive organs, thus balancing hormones that cause so much trouble during menopause. Moonstone is a Master Healer and has a positive effect on almost all of the symptoms of menopause. It is a stone that resonates with women and has the ability to balance hormones, calm the emotions and ease anxiety. Amethyst is a very calming stone and a master healing crystal. Amethyst is a calming stone that can help with insomnia. Aquamarine calming, reduces stress and quiets the mind ... Pictured Necklace: 20" sterling silver snake chain 1 sterling silver wrapped Pink Tourmaline (4.5mm) Gem Drop 1 sterling silver wrapped Amethyst (8mm) Gem Drop 1 sterling silver wrapped Moonstone (6mm) Gem Drop with sterling silver cap 1 sterling silver wrapped Aquamarine (4mm) Gem Drop with sterling silver caps There are many stones that can help. If you would like to add to this necklace - here are some other available charms ($5 each).... *Carnelian - emits healing energy to cleans and clear the reproductive system. Also energizing and motivating. *Citrine can help to control hot flashes and balance the yin and yang. *Clear Quartz is a Master Healer and brings balance and emotions to increase stability and energy during menopause. *Fluorite draws off negative energies and stress of all kinds. *Rose Quartz is a stone of infinite peace. Helps fend off insomnia. Emotional healer. *Smoky Quartz is a grounding stone absorbs and transmutes the hot flash energy, which will help to cool the body. If you want to add to your necklace or would like a different group of gems - Convo me and I will create a custom order for you. Feel free to mix and match any of the stones that you feel would work best for you. *Each necklace comes in a gift bag - ready for giving. *This necklace is made to order - especially for you. The picture is an accurate representation of the necklace you will receive, but it is hand-made and there will be slight differences. Please allow 1-3 days for your necklace to be made. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Visit my Etsy shop for other beautiful jewelry with meaning: