Gathering of Goods

Timeless, Classic Clothing

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Bedford, OH
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Sarah Brazytis
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We often find ourselves reaching back to the past in our search for clothing that is modest, classic, feminine and comfortable. Timeless has a real meaning at Gathering of Goods: it means something so beautiful, so fitting, so inspiring and wonderful to wear that it must not be lost. Whether looking for the classic garment for today's outing, or a traditional item to complete a historical impression, come to Gathering of Goods! Many of our garments are historically inspired, or simply hark back to earlier days in their traditional and timeless styles. With simple additions like bonnets, caps, aprons and pinafores, you can transform your everyday outfit into the perfect wardrobe for historical events for many time periods: Civil War, colonial, prairie, pioneer, trek, Victorian, etc.. Our offerings have now expanded to clothing for men and boys, as well. Over the years, we have had the pleasure to supply historical garments for theatres, plays, treks, reenactments and more! The Quality of Yesterday ~ Designed for Today ~ At your door Tomorrow!