Organic Strawberry Basil Preserves
The bright, fresh smell of this preserve makes your mouth salivate with excitement! Not too thick, it spreads beautifully and just thin enough you could pour it over pound cake or ice cream. This preserve isn't for the kids PB&J, this is Momma's treat ;-) The sweet strawberries paired perfectly with the sweet herby freshness of the basil. It tastes just like it smells. I wish we had smell-o-vision! This batch contains only organic strawberries, organic basil (from my garden), sugar, lemon juice, water and love. Jams and preserves with pectin require less time and attention. I prefer to make mine without this ingredient because it allows the natural flavors of the fruit to develop. The fruit reduces to a concentrated consistency, resulting in less product, but more flavor. I set back my pesto making with the basil harvest for this batch, but it was SO worth it! 8oz jars