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Hello my name is Amanda and I am addicted to growing, producing and sharing food from my garden :) We all have our personal OCD\'s and well, growing food is one of many for me. All of the food I produce is done in small batches in my little kitchen here in Colorado Springs, CO. I grow as much as I can myself and what I cannot grow I do my best to source as locally as possible. Most everything I create is done in limited quantities because I can only offer what the garden is willing to share with us, and we are always thankful for her gifts big and small ���¢�¢ï¿½�¢���¥ My jams and preserves are always pectin free. Jams and preserves that use pectin require less time and attention. I prefer to make mine without this ingredient because it allows the natural flavours of the fruit to develop. The fruit reduces to a concentrated consistency, resulting in less product, but more flavor. The herbs and vegetables I use are always as fresh as possible from my own garden but when I run out I buy from our local farmers markets. All of my recipes are my own creations from many successful trials and many not so successful ones. Thank you for allowing to share my bounty with you. Love and light, Amanda
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