Big Buck 3 track round cribbage board with storage
Enjoy this unique carved buck cribbage board. The base of the cribbage board is 11 3/4 inches round. The base has 3 tracks (120 each) and center lifts out for storage of cards and pegs. The center is 7 3/4 round and is 3D. Board comes with 6 pegs. Its perfect for your log cabin, cottage, or rec room. The board will be constructed from Wisconsin Beech, Birch or Maple lumber. The wood is very hard and durable. The board is finished with a conversion varnish that will provide you many years of service. The tree that this cribbage board is made from blew down during a storm on September 30th of 2011. This tree was located along the shore of Lake Michigan in the Southern portion of the Door Peninsula. I sawed this log on my saw mill and kiln dried the lumber. I am just happy that this wood could be used for something other than firewood. Enjoy!