Carved Wooden Spoon - Handmade With Salvaged Wood
Sturdy, beautiful wooden spoons that will last a lifetime. Each spoon is unique and slightly different, as they are cut and carved individually. The spoon you receive will be the same overall size, shape and wood type as the picture you select, with some natural variation. I take pride in producing beautiful, well crafted items from salvaged wood. This particular batch of spoons was made from offcuts and scraps that were discarded by local woodworking shops in Boston, MA. To make the spoons, I used a combination of hand and power tools. First, I planed the scraps to thickness and cut out rough shapes with a jigsaw. Next, I hand-carved the beginning of the bowls, and finished shaping the spoons with a variety of rotary tools. Finally, I sanded them to a smooth finish and coated them with a food-safe mixture of tung and citrus oils. Don't hesitate to message me with questios or custom requests! For furniture and larger work, visit