Wood and steel table
In the North Carolina Piedmont, continuing development means that many of the old barns, warehouses, and outbuildings that are everywhere near old highways and houses are being taken down. The materials that are available as a result of this are often incredible. Old sawmills often left a rough sawn texture on the surface of boards, giving them an arcing, cross-cutting pattern. Boards that were under tin roofs have seen heat extremes that color them a rich toffee color, as the sap has been cooked in the wood over time. Floor boards show decades of wear in scarring and the wood is worn back to expose the tougher parts of the grain. Nail holes, staining, and all sorts of other features can come together to create beautiful pieces of wood. We enjoy using these materials to create furniture that is totally unique and has a history that goes back to well before our lifetimes. Welded steel frames are used to support the wood because they are very strong, surprisingly light, and they complement the aesthetic of the wood to great effect. Square tubing, angle iron, and flat stock are combined to create a design that suits the top. The surface of the metal is treated with gun blue and mineral oil in most cases, though powdercoat, paint and other finishes are available. Weld beads can be left intact for a more industrial look, or ground smooth for a clean profile. We typically thread levelers into the feet of our tables to allow the buyer to adjust to any irregularities in their floor. The customization options are endless. Each table is by necessity one of a kind, as no two boards are alike. We build these to order so the design, dimensions and finish are all changeable based on the customer's requirements. We've made coffee tables, side tables, desks and dining tables, and we've only scratched the surface of what can be done in this vein. Get in touch to discuss what we can make for you!