Little Lion Bar: Handmade Baby Soap
*Please Note: Listing is for 2 bars Gentle baby bar. The inspiration for this soap came from our friend (who also happens to be one of our best customers). After she gave birth to a two and a half month premature little baby boy, she wanted to have a gentle soap to cleanse his sensitive skin once he was able to leave the NICU and finally come home. Her little lion tested and approved of our soap-- and thus began our Little Lion Collection. Free from harsh chemicals and fragrances, only the best ingredients are carefully selected. This bar contains organic olive and jojoba oils infused with soothing organic calendula flowers. Combined with organic coconut oil, this gentle soap will delicately cleanse the soft and sensitive skin of your little lion (or lioness). Ingredients: water, organic calendula, jojoba oil, lye, organic olive oil, organic coconut oil