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Bloomington, CA
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Sondra Polk
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About Feel N’ Sassy 'A Creative Mind That Plays With The Object She Likes" A Fashion Designer, Jewelry maker, and lace wig designer. My labels are ‘Crystal Britches’, ‘My Hair Illusions’ and ‘Feel N'Sassy’. Many of my designs are OOAK, and therefore, the available quantity and size will be limited. My selections are based on quality and style. I look first at the quality of fabrics/materials before I make a decision to purchase and make my items. I take a great deal of pride in my creations. So much that sometimes I hate to sell them. I started at the early age 7, crafting and sewing. I made clothes for my friends. In high school, I was making three-piece suits for Men. I even became a semi-finalist in a FDIM WORLD wide fashion design contest. But I still needed to find my niche market in the fashion world. Finally, by 2014, I realized there was still a market that had not been tapped. The clip-on earrings. As you know pierced earrings come a dime a dozen, and are found at just about any store. Well! Not the clip on. I do not have pierced ears and I know, oh too well, how difficult it is to find the fashionable clip on. This has inspired me to tap into a market that has been totally neglected for decades. You will also find the classic Hoops that are only available as pierced. I have access to the hoop materials to construct them into a clip-on. You can find them here in my store. The Lace Wig, on the other hand, was an accidental craft Ithat just fell into my lap. In 2004, I started experimenting with wigs in an attempt to free my natural hair from the 30 years of abuse from perming and hot curling. Subsequently, I discovered the 'Lace Wigs'; hair that seemed like it was growing out of your scalp. Wow! What a beautiful concept. I quickly discovered there was a lack of information available about these wigs. Retailers seemed to be more interested in selling the high-priced wigs, rather than providing any information. Even worse, were the online retailers. Although the lace wigs had already been readily available to the Elite as far back as 1999, it was not until early/mid-2000 that they were being introduced to the mainstream. There was a desperate need for someone with a thorough knowledge to help others like myself understand what we are purchasing. I decided, this person should be me. I learned the tedious task of wig making, design, and care techniques. Here I AM. I am still creating fashions and will occasionally offer ' something new something different' OK so Now that you have a brief story about me, take a moment to browse my shop. Whether you are experiencing hair loss, have a passing interest in wigs, or just looking for sassy earring, this is the store for you. Thank you for taking a sneak peek inside.
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