Galaxy Fox Watercolor Print from Original abstract, 8x0
This is a reproduction print of an original watercolor painting by Caroline of FancyFoxSociety. It depicts a fox painted in with the colors of the galaxy above us. Format: Print Sizes available (inches): 8x10 Signed: Caroline Parfomak, upon printing All prints have the standard dimensions listed above, including a small white border around the image, as you see in the pictures provided. Do note that the images may look slightly different depending on your monitor's settings and capabilities. I use a printing service to produce all of my prints on quality 80 or 100lb cardstock paper. I order the prints for next day printing as I receive your order, so that is why my turnover time is normally around 2 days, unless I already have the print in stock. I make every effort to ship your purchase as soon as possible. I ship my prints in a cellophane sleeve with cardboard backing, all within an appropriate sized envelope via USPS. I find them the most dependable shipping service. All items are packed and shipped with care. I will make an effort to combine shipping as well, just let me know that you have purchased or plan to purchase multiple items and I will provide you with an invoice and adjusted shipping charge. Disclaimer: All images are copyrighted and the intellectual property of the store owners of FancyFoxSociety. Thank you for your interest. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.