United States Flag // Metal
This listing is for a metal and Aluminum US Flag. The flag is 15 inches long and 9.75 inches tall. The Union is one pieces of aluminum painted with metallic blue and has 50 drilled holes that are all countersunk. The backing is 16 gauge steel and painted metalic white. The stripes are all aluminum strips that are .75 inches each and painted red. There are felt feet on the bottom backside in order to not scratch walls. The flag hangs by a single self leveling picture frame bracket that is welded onto the back. All of the parts are glued to the steel backing using a clear all purpose Loctite solution. Q/A: Q) Is the flag painted or powder coated? A) All color pieces on this flag are spray painted. Q) Will the paint scratch and wear? A) While several coats of paint have been applied to all surfaces, it is possible to scratch and wear the paint. Q) How much does it weigh? A) 3.2 lbs If you have other questions, please feel free to message me. This set ships USPS. Please follow all of my projects on: F2Metalworks.com Twitter (@F2Metalworks) Facebook