Dominoes - Double 6: 3/8" thick Aluminum
Double 6 Aluminum dominoes: 3/8" thick with a brushed finish. Each bone is handmade from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and have soft rounded edges. This thickness is commonly referred to as the "professional" size. They are easy to hold in your hand or can stand on their own. They are raw and not painted or anodized. Q/A: Q) If they are not anodized, will they scratch with use? A) Yes. Aluminum is a relatively soft metal and will scratch with use. A well played set will exhibit scratches and wear. This set is made for play, but can also be used as a display. Q) Are they heavy? A) The full set weights about 3 lbs. Each piece is hefty, but not heavy. Q) Is there a box available? A) I do make boxes for some sets when requested. Boxes can be made from Aluminum, Stainless, Mild Steel, and now I have a CNC machine that I can carve trays out of wood. This listing is for the dominoes only. ***** Free shipping in the USA ****** This set ships USPS Flat Rate. Please follow all of my projects on: Twitter (@F2Metalworks) Facebook