Stainless Steel Dominoes - Standard size Natural Dominoes
This a set of handmade Stainless Steel Dominoes. This a double six set made from 304 Stainless Steel with a brushed finish. The size of the dominoes is 1" X 2" and 1/4" thick and are considered a standard size for a playing style of holding them in the palm of your hand. The pips are a natural color. The dominoes are not painted at all. The dominoes have a brushed #3 finish with soft rounded edges. 304 stainless steel is very versatile, anti-rusting and non-magnetic. These are heavy and sturdy, and will last for generations. Q/A: Q) Will the dominoes scratch? A) Even though stainless steel is very hard, they can be scratched with use. Depending on the surface you are playing on, shuffling may cause the most scratching. A well played set with exhibit a nice patina on all sides. Q) Are they made using precision equipment? A) Each domino is made by hand using a band saw, a punch and hammer, a table top drill press, and a belt sander. Every piece is polished and drilled by hand and a complete set can take up to 10 hours to complete. Q) Is every set identical? A) Great care is taken to make every set and every piece as perfect as possible. Every set is very similar but since they are made by hand, some pieces may have pips that are drilled slightly different and the finish and the edges may be slightly different. Q) Isn't stainless always shiny? A) The material I purchase has a mill finish on it and is not shiny at all. In fact it almost looks white and generally is very pitted. To get the rough brush look takes several steps and more than a few hours to get it right. Q) Is there a box available? A) This particular listing is for the dominoes only. If you have additional questions please message me. This set ships USPS Flat Rate. ****** Free shipping to USA ****** Please follow all of my projects on: Twitter (@F2Metalworks) Facebook