Professional Aluminum Dominoes // Navy Blue Pips // Custom box included
This is a 3/8" thick set of Aluminum dominoes. This is a complete double six set. Each Domino has a brushed finish with a nice texture. The edges are rolled slightly so there are no sharp corners making them a pleasure to hold during play. The Dominoes are made from 6061-T6 Aluminum which is a very versatile material and often used in aircraft fuselages All pips are drilled and countersunk which makes them easy to see while playing because of the texture difference. The pips are painted with Navy Blue. The contrast of the Blue with the aluminum really pops making them easy to see and fun to play. The Aluminum is not anodized. Each domino measures 1" X 2" X 3/8". The box included with this set is a twist on the boxes included with other sets. The lid is Aluminum and is secured to the base with black set screws that can be installed and removed easily by hand. When the lid is on, the box appears to be solid aluminum. In a way it is, since the dominoes fit perfectly inside. Q/A: Q) If they are not anodized, will they scratch with use? A) Yes. Aluminum is a relatively soft metal and will scratch with use. A well played set will exhibit scratches and wear. This set has a brushed finish that will hide some scratches. However, they are not anodized on purpose so that with years of use, they will take on the patina of the players. Q) What condition are they in when shipped? A) I endeavor to make each piece as perfect as possible. This set has a rough finish that resembles wood grain. When they arrive, it is up the user to create their own uniqueness to the set. Q) Are they heavy? A) The full set weights about 3 lbs. With the box, the complete package is just over 5lbs. Q) Can I order a single domino to determine if I want to buy a complete set? A) Yes. I have a set cost to create a single domino and will ship it to you so you can better decide what style and thickness you prefer. Send me a message and let's discuss. Q) Will the paint in the pips rub off or fade? A) The paint inside the pips is claimed to be waterproof. However, since it is just surface paint, it is possible to scrape it off. With enough water, the paint will run. If you have other questions, please feel free to message me. This set ships USPS Flat Rate. ***** Free Shipping in the USA ***** Please follow all of my projects on: Twitter (@F2Metalworks) Facebook