Jumbo Stainless Steel Dominoes
Listed here is a set of handmade double six Stainless Steel Dominoes measuring 1/2" thick by 1" X 2". They have a #4 brushed finish with soft beveled edges. 304 stainless steel is very versatile, anti-rusting and non-magnetic. These are heavy and sturdy, and will last for generations. This set ships USPS Flat Rate anywhere the Postal Service ships in the USA. Q&A Q) Will the dominoes scratch? A) Even though stainless steel is very hard, they can be scratched with use. Q) Are they made using precision equipment? A) Each domino is made by hand using a band saw, table top drill press, and a belt sander. Nothing is automated in the creation of the set. Q) Is every set identical? A) Great care is taken to make every set and every piece as perfect as possible. Every set is very similar but since they are made by hand, some pieces may have pips that are drilled slightly different. Q) Isn't stainless supposed to be shiny? A) The material I purchase has a mill finish on it and is not shiny at all. In fact it is typically very pitted. Because of variations in the milling process of the stainless steel, some sets show pits while others may show very little. Each set is unique and exhibits the character of the material used on the particular set being purchased. Several hours are needed to take the Stainless from the dull finish that it starts with to become a smooth grain finish. ****** Free shipping in the USA ****** This set ships USPS Flat Rate. Please follow all of my projects on: F2Metalworks.com Twitter (@F2Metalworks) Facebook