Professional Aluminum Dominoes with bright blue pips and custom Box
Listed here is a complete set of Aluminum Double 6 Dominoes. They are 3/8" thick. Each Domino has a brushed finish with a smooth texture. The edges are rolled slightly so there are no sharp corners making them a pleasure to hold during play. The Dominoes are made from 6061-T6 Aluminum which is a very versatile material and often used in aircraft fuselages. I do not anodize the aluminum. The pips are colored a bright blue and sealed. This set really pops. The box is made from the same material as the dominoes complete with an acrylic lid secured with set screws. Q) Will the dominoes scratch? A) Aluminum is a relatively soft metal and will scratch with use. Q) Are they made using precision equipment? A) Each domino is made by hand using a band saw, table top drill press, and a belt sander. Nothing is automated in the creation of the set. Q) Is every set identical? A) Great care is taken to make every set and every piece as perfect as possible. Every set is very similar but since they are made by hand, some pieces may have pips that are drilled slightly different. ***** Free Shipping ***** This set ships USPS Flat Rate. Please follow all of my projects on: Twitter (@F2Metalworks) Facebook