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Each piece is a work from my heart , created by my imaginative mind, sculpted by my hands. I put my feelings when I create , that's why each piece is so meaningful to me. I use Premo and FIMO professional polymer in making my polymer clay handmade jewelries. Premo as well as FIMO Professional are durable, soft and firm; ideal for jewelry, according to my research, it is weatherproof as well. To take care of your Polymer clay jewelry. When we take care of things they last longer. It always depends on where or how you keep it. Always keep your jewely in a cool and dry box to prevent scratches or breakage. Some products can cause stain such as make up,hair or nail products,Try not to get any of these touch your jewellery as much as possible. To clean your jewelry, lightly wipe it with a fine cloth. Do not submerge it in water for long ,getting it wet for long period of time could actually affect the longevity of your earrings. Polymer clay is very durable as it is cured under heat but try not to bend it forcefully or it can snap. Don't use clear coat nail polish to glaze it ,as it will begin to soften and dissolve your polymer clay, even baked clay, making it sticky and gooey over time. The same holds true for most varnishes and paints in spray cans can either degrade the clay or remain sticky. I am using the best quality of polymer clays available for jewelry making such as Sculpey Premo brands and FIMO, I am very particular with quality , both are praised for their strength in finished designs). I am also using nickel free , stainless steel hypoallergenic and S925 sterling for findings such as studs/hooks. Findings will be mentioned on each item's descriptions. I secure all parts with a stronger jewelry glue. Each piece is thoroughly sanded for smoother edges. All polymer clay elements are baked at recommended temperature and for the appropriate duration of time to assure complete and thorough curing of polymer clay. Each purchase is carefully packaged, and inserted in a box for shipping, care instructions will be inserted for polymer clay jewelry items. Making it is alot of process,but I love how I'm able to create something uniquely beautiful for you. Aside from Polymer Clay jewelries I design and make jewelries using genuine stone, semi precious stones, glass beads and many more. I will make sure that I'll be including what I used in my item description. Follow us on facebook Instagram Thank you for your support Your Jewelry designer -Eureka
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