Handmade, Lathe Turned, Black Locust Wood Vessel, Epoxy Resin, Living Room, Dinning Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Any Occasion
This Black Locust wood vessel is a rare piece and only one of it's kind exist, it was handmade and lathe turned from a locally-sourced Black locust wood and with the combination of epoxy resin this beautiful vessel was created! And to add to the beauty, this vessel's lid has an Amethysts crystal embellishment for long lasting peace. This box was finished with bee's wax which fully displays the beautiful and natural wood grain. Measurements are : Height: 6 1/2 inches Width: 5 inches Depth: 4 5/8 inches Weight: 19.4 oz Due to the nature of the wood grain, the buyer can expect to find variations in the finish and resin color. Imperfections like repaired holes and all wood repairs would be normal and considered enhancements. *Please avoid the exposure to water it can cause the wood to weaken, or allow the formation of mold to grow.