Stop the Aliens - A Children's Escape My Reality Home Edition Game
Save The Worlds Pizza The aliens are coming to take  all of the pizza in the world!  It’s up to James and Jenny  Gemini to stop them. Travel through space and help  the aliens find a better tasting  food on a different planet.  Can you imagine a world without Pizza? Well neither could the Gemini Twins.  Now it is up to  you to stop the aliens from  stealing all of the pizza before its too late. Send us pictures of your  children and have them become cartoons with James and Jenny  in the story! This is a fun, educational game where your children will learn about different planets and  space travel while saving the planet from the  alien pizza thieves. Straight from the the year 3000 Jenny and James Gemini have travelled back to our time to save the day. These detectives from the future are the heroes that this world needs; and they need your help on their missions. Your children will unlock each unique adventure with James and Jenny as they solve mysteries on this planet and beyond. Each mystery box will contain one adventure in which your children will be transported to amazing places and be part of great adventures. Each box with be completely personalized to your child so they can be a part of the story too. Unlike a children's book, your child will be the lead character in their own storyline where they will get to unlock clues and solves fun riddles puzzles and more. Join the adventure and be the hero with James and Jenny Gemini today. Send us pictures of your children and have them become cartoons with James and Jenny in the story! Buy our Gemini Twins Escape Room Games and have your children become the heroes of their own stories.