Escape the Prank - A MEGA Escape My Reality Home Edition Game
The Jokester Edition MEGA Box - Recommended for large groups and parties Welcome to Prank School 101, now is your chance to stop being a little brat and start being the king of the prank. Use the clues to unlock ingenious pranks to pull on your friends and family. Will you flunk out of Prank School, or use the Whoopi cushion, fake poop, and many other fun props, to sit on your throne as the King of Pranks Welcome to Escape My Reality Home Edition! Each of our mystery boxes offers you a fully set up escape room for you to play at home. Each game takes approximately 45 minutes. Get transported to a different world, a different decade, or a different reality as you immerse yourself into a fun mystery - right in your own home! Unlike many offshoots of escape rooms, Escape My Reality offers mini, at-home escape rooms to play with family and friends.  The game boxes are actual home versions of our live escape rooms. Instead of a simple box of clues, your box is part of the game with props, mini furniture, lockboxes, cyphers, maps, puzzles, and more! The best part is that each of our games includes real prizes for you to enjoy.  Use the clues, riddles, and mysteries to unlock our amazing prizes! We are not a board game, but an actual Escape Room to play at home.  There is no set up necessary. Simply sit at your table with your guests and enjoy the thrill of the escape! We offer ten of our original games, making them great to give as gifts to multiple people; and an easy way to make sure you don't get the same mystery twice.