Tibbers Doll - Annie - Plush - League of Legends - Cosplay
Annie miraculously ensorcelled a shadow bear - a ferocious denizen of the petrified forests outside the colony - turning it into her pet. To this day she keeps her bear Tibbers by her side, often keeping him spellbound as a stuffed doll to be carried like a child's toy. Keep your own tibbers by your side at all time. He may not be a shadow bear to call upon to do your bidding but he's cute!!! Warning! If he does become a ferocious shadow bear please RUN AWAY! Tibbers will be approx 16 inches high (not including his legs) and over 20 inches around. He's the perfect size for a cosplay! I am also offering this guy in a fur fabric as well. Just like in the photo of Annie holding him above for an additional $20.00. Please message me so I can create a custom listing for you if you'd like this option. Please allow a week for your item to be created and packaged before being shipped out via USPS. Remember the more complicated your order is the longer it may take. My plushies are soft and cuddly but not meant for children or animals. They are meant to be gently cuddled and collected. Keep in mind my items are all hand made and they may be slight variations from what is shown in the photo. *** When choosing the option for fur fabric please keep in mind I will have to special order the fur and it may take a little longer to get the order out to you.