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ElephantBack Arts -- where whimsy and happiness abound.

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Lindsay, CA
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Marla Ernest
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In June of 2014, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. For years, I had put off my love of creativity in all of its forms. With recovery, I was blessed with the time to work on my writing and on creating art. You can check out my writing over at whoneedsboobsanyway.weebly.com. I would love your feedback! Sitting in my kitchen one morning after my diagnosis, I looked out at the green rolling hills of my small California town. If you are from Lindsay, you know the uber recognizable Elephant Back Hill. For those of you who don't know this staple of our tiny Central Valley town, in the summer, it is a golden rolling foothill at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It's shape resembles an elephant laying down with its trunk outstretched in front of its body. This was the birthresembles an elephant laying down with its trunk outstretched in front of its body. This was the birth of ElephantBack Arts, and the rebirth of my spirit. Who is ElephantBack Arts? My name is Marla Ernest. I am a mother, a grandmother, an artist, and an educator. I make art that makes me happy, and my sincerest hope is to make art that makes others happy. Where can you buy ElephantBack Arts pieces? You can find me at ElephantBack Arts on Facebook, on Shopify, and at Lindsay Chapter Helping One Woman meetings the 3rd Thursday of every month. Where am I located? My little store is located in Lindsay, CA. I work out of my home and even have a small store set up in one of my spare rooms. Make an appointment and drop by to see all of my products in person. How long has ElephantBack Arts been in business? ElephantBack Arts has been operating since July of 2014. The online store has only been open since 2015. I love learning new things, and learning how to run my online store has been such an exciting and fun challenge. Contact information: You can contact me in a variety of ways: * Write to me at ElephantBack Arts 365 Laurel Ave. Lindsay, CA 93247 * Message me at ElephantBack Arts on Facebook. * Call me for an appointment at 559-788-7746. * Email me at cigarinface@aol.com. https://www.facebook.com/ElephantBackArts/?ref=hl twitter.com/lindsegirl CIGARINFACE on Instagram whoneedsboobsanyway.weebly.com If you have a special requests, please contact me. I can paint one of kind pieces or make a piece of jewelry to your specifications. Thank you for visiting ElephantBack Arts!
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