Kitchen Set  Cherry wood Spatula Hand Knit Dish Cloth Hanging Towel Mini Cherry Wood Spatula
Kitchen Set Cherry wood Spatula Hand knit Dishcloth set Hygge Kitchen Set of three cloths ONE Nine and one half inch by Nine and one half inch dishcloth ONE eight inch by eight and ONE ten inch by Thirteen inch cloth with loop hand knit in a lovely moss stitch with one 10 inch eco harvested cherry wood spatula 1 and 1/2 inches at top. This wonderful Kitchen set includes: I love my cherry wood (**See note) spatulas, the 1 -1/2 wide top and 10 inch handle make it great for smaller jobs such as getting the last bit our of bowls/jars. Along with THREE Sage Green Hand Knit Clothes: * ONE - 9 1/2 inch by 9 1/2 inch Sage Green, hand knit dishcloths with many - many wonderful uses in the kitchen and around the house ~ when baking they are great to wipe your hands or for clean up. pot holder ( as with all pot holders -use caution!! ) . * ONE - 8" inch by 8" inch Sage Green hand knit cloth great for smaller jobs!( not yet pictured) * One - 10" inch by 13" inch Sage Green, handknit cloth. (not yet pictured) A small hand towel size with a loop for hanging to try your hand while in the kitchen, also makes a great hot pad or to place serving dishes on at the table or as a little place mat! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Make a wonderful Mother's Day / Father's Day / Hotess gift!! A great way to add that - New Hygee - to your home = thoughtful, cozy, hug to your home! My daughter's and I use them doubled over as pot holders. (use caution). They work good as hot pots to sit a cookie sheet on or for placing hot pots on at the table. ** My source for my wooden spatula & spreaders, state they are made from naturally fallen cherry trees. My Blog; Hand made in my smoke free home studio ~~~~~~~~~THIS LISTING INCLUDES~~~~~~~~~~ One set of~ One (1) - 9 1/2" x 9 1/2" hand knitted cloths in a beautiful earth sage green One (1) - 8 " x 8" hand knit cloth in sage green One (1) - 10 " inch x 13' inch looped for hanging towel One (1) - 10 inch cherry wood spatula Does not include any props All photos and contents under copyright 2012 - 2017 By Melissa O'Connor