Autumnal Honey Amber Agate Pendant Necklace
Autumnal Honey Amber Agate gemstone Pendant Necklace An elegant 16" Necklace with a 2 "agate geode pendant. Add a Beautiful woodland/Renaissance, old work look to your wardrobe. Made with varying shades of amber agate beads, ranging in color from off white, honey yellow to burnt orange, accented with pewter flower spacers. The beautiful agate geode pendant is lightly wrapped in sterling silver with a very small spiral so as not to take away from the natural beauty of the pendant. This is a stunning geode with a beautiful clear eye in the center, with the same varying shades as the beads circling out from the center. The pendant is 2" in length, 1 1/4" at it's widest and approx 1/8" thick so it is not to heavy on the neck, it is polished for a little shine with the edges left in their natural beauty! Finished with a decorative pewter hook closer. You can find more of my Jewelry Designs in my shop / Boutique Handmade in my smoke free home studio! Please stop by and visit my BLOG: This listing is for: One(1) 16" Amber Agate Necklace with 2" pendant ("DOES NOT" include any props) copyright 2015 by Melissa O'Connor