I know how personal and special jewelry purchases can sometimes be. They may be a gift for your new wife, a memory of a loved one who has passed, or even representation of a new life joining our world! Jewelry can be very meaningful and with emotions wrapped into such a small trinket it can be a very delicate purchasing process. I am very honest and sincere; I put a lot of heart and soul into my work. I truly want my customers to be 100% happy with the items they purchase from me. If any customer ever has an issue I really appreciate contacting me immediately so we can find a solution ASAP. Especially with any custom orders. I don't make jewelry for the money in it; if I relied on it for my income I would be in debt really! lol!! Jewelry making is therapeutic work and calming just as someone who loves to garden, cook and so on. Yes, money is exchanged for goods- but honestly I would rather just give my items as gifts like I had always done in the past. Going through my divorce I made jewelry and exercised like I was breathing air! It costs a lot of money to purchase the items put into a single piece of jewelry- so to pay for my habit I must sell! lol! Plus the extra that I can put away in savings for my kiddos makes me feel so secure. Anyways, what I'm trying to say after all this TMI: I am not your average online business sales lady. I want my customers to cherish their purchases just as much as I do when creating them. Thanks! legal mumbojumbo my mother said I should include.... The jewelry items on here will be separated into categories based on their originality and what type of jewelry it is: My handmade pieces are all my own, original ideas and not to be copied or mimicked please. All of these items will come with special saying, description, or blank cards of your choice that are also either done by hand or on a computer by myself and not to be copied or duplicated in any way. The jewelry from my mother's boutique will be separate and has mostly been made by her or her assistant. A few of these items are her unique and actually copyrighted pieces. I don't get many of those as they can get a bit pricey;) Lastly, a handful of items are wholesale purchases in which my mother buys either from another jeweler, estate auction, or her "got-to wholesale jewelry guy" in New York. All listings will explain the type of jewelry it is, itself components, any treatments applied to stones, where it came from, and who made it (if applicable)

Payment Policy

Payment is required for online purchases before an item will be shipped. When legitimate payment is received by seller, then item will be sent to buyer. For custom orders, payment will not be required until piece is finished entirely and customer agrees upon sale. A customer is never obligated to purchase a custom order unless its base pricing exceeds 100$. This means, if the cost of items needed to create the custom piece exceed 100$, then I will first need a 50$ deposit payment. This deposit would be due when the final design and components are decided. At this point the Customer will know exactly what the finished jewelry piece will look like with the aid of detailed sketches, photos, descriptions, etc. The 50$ deposit will be deducted from the final sale price of the custom item. I accept paypal, stripe, or any other type of legitimate online paying method. I believe aftcra only uses paypal, but I will accept authentic payments outside of this selling platform.

Shipping Policy

All shipping is free. YES FREE :)) I use basic USPS service which takes about 2 to 5 days depending upon weather and customer's location. For any items priced more than 50$, I will use priority express- USPS's flat rate 2 day shipping method. I will provide the tracking number as soon as the postage is purchased. The only time shipping will not be free..... Exchanges or returns shipping: If the exchange or return is due to a mistake or problem that is the seller's fault- then the seller will pay for all return shipping and replacement item shipping if applicable. (i.e. I send the wrong size, the wrong color, item is damaged) Otherwise, if customer requests an exchange or return due to any other reason- they must pay for return shipping. Seller will pay for replacement item shipping if applicable.

Refund & Exchange Policy

Full refunds will be given if the item is being returned due to seller error. (i.e. wrong size, wrong item, wrong color, damaged) Seller will purchase and send appropriate shipping (I can email your label, send through aftcra, or whichever method is best for you) When seller receives the returned item, seller will refund to buyer the full original amount buyer paid to their original payment method. If buyer requests a return or exchange of the item for any other reason.... Return: When seller receives the returned item, the refund will be applied to original payment method. Exchange: Buyer will pay for shipping to return the item. Then they have store credit equivalent to original payment amount. This credit can be used to purchase the same item (if they wanted a different size, style, color, so on) or credit can be used to purchase any item they choose. If item is more than the amount of store credit, buyer will pay the difference. If the item is less than store credit, seller will pay the difference. Custom order items are non-refundable with the exception of buyer receiving a damaged item, wrong item, wrong size or any other problem due to seller's mistake. Last, Seller will offer partial refunds if buyer wishes to keep damaged item. The extent of damage will determine the percentage of the original cost to be refunded. Seller mistake with the item sent (wrong color, size, item, etc.) - If buyer wishes to keep the item an automatic 40% of original cost will be refunded to buyer's original payment method.

Contact Information

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