EdenDesign Jewelry

Handmade jewelry for mind, body and spirit

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Carmel, IN
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Jessica Eden
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My mother & I started making jewelry together when I was about 8. It has always been a hobby and passion for us both. My mother owns a local boutique style store in which I do receive some of her clearance or sale items to sell online: therefore, I do offer some of the normal "jewelry store" items with cut gemstones, settings, etc. all at really great prices!! I have recently been learning a lot about charm meanings in all different cultures, gemstones, crystals and their healing powers. I have practiced yoga for many years and now have added deep meditation with Reiki methodology using chakra crystals to my routine. I also try to incorporate these ideals into my jewelry work. I do not make traditional jewelry anymore as I have found the more stones and metals are cut ,molded, treated to human perfection the more they lose their innate natural energies. Leaving stones the closest to the way nature intended them is important to me. Natural beauty is essential these days with all the processed, chemical treated, and imitation things we experience day to day; if the food we eat is organic, why can't the jewelry we wear be as wholesome and natural too?! :) I have always sold my work at my mother's boutique but in the past few years, since my divorce, I have been trying online selling platforms in order to branch out my jewelry line and make some much needed extra cash. All proceeds from my online sales are able to go to the college funds I setup for my 2 boys when each was born. So now I feel I am truly getting a double bonus: doing what I love with jewelry and helping in my boys', Blake and Landon, futures! I hope you enjoy my items just as much as I do making them!
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