Rustic Nature Shadow Box
This one of a kind shadow box contains milkweed, acorns, pine cone, and grasses. This frame is made from Cedar wood and has a ebony stain. It looks beautiful on a mantel, or is ready to hang on a wall. It measures approximately 9" tall by 5" wide by 2" deep and has a glass front. Each shadow box is made with care and the natural items are collected and carefully placed inside. The unique shapes and colors of the outdoors stand out when placed behind glass and set against the color and grain of the wood. They look beautiful on a wall or mantel of a home, cabin, or cottage all year long and the appreciation of each element within grows over the years. It is a great joy to explore the outdoors everyday for natural objects that will one day go in a new handmade shadow box and find its way into a person's home. I hope one of my shadow boxes resonates with you. I am very careful to pack and ship each shadow box to maintain the integrity of the pieces inside as well as the glass front.