Rose Scented Soap Natural Soap | THREE Large Bars
You get THREE 5.5 oz. Bars The perfect wild country scent: roses. My Rose soap bar recipe is a top secret blend of essential oils sure to please your senses. Rich lather, strong aroma, gentle cleaning without leaving a film on your skin or tub. Let's be real: handmade natural soap of good quality is more expensive than mass produced, chemically filled "soap" that you buy at the supermarket. But, with care, one of my bars of cold processed soap can easily last one person 6 - 8 weeks, used every morning in the shower - yeah, really! Keep the soap dry, when you are done using. Use a soap dish that drains the water away from the soap. Also, to stretch the soap even farther, go ahead, cut the soap in half when you receive it and in theory, because of the law of physics, the soap should last longer. After all - the cost of the bar is about the same as a cup of Starbucks and maybe 1/2 a muffin, and your skin and the planet will be happier when you use our creamy soap. The timeless approach I use to making cold process natural soap creates a pure bar that gently cleans without stripping away natural body oils. Glycerin, a naturally occurring by-product of producing my vegan soap, remains in the bars to moisturize the skin. I hand stir each batch and cure it for 4 weeks so that every soap bar produces a rich and creamy lather that gently cleanses the skin and remains pleasing to your sense of smell. I use an organic palm oil for animal habitat safety. I don't like the approach of selling a product by alarming the public, so I won't. You can do your own research on the effects of palm oil farms and animal habitat, or simply take my word that everything, and i mean EVERYTHING, I put into my natural soap is as pure and safe as is feasible. Using organic palm oil is one extra way I believe helps animals and uses our planets resources without abusing the planet or it's creatures. Remember >>> each bar is hand cut and is not intended to be perfect as well as cure time affects exact weight. My handmade soap is a creative process and each and every batch and bar is different. I try and keep photos true to the current batch in stock, but they do vary in look, slightly or greatly, depending on my mood, but they are always, always, the same aroma and base soap recipe - just the visual may change.