Patchouli Essential Scented Natural Soap | THREE Large Bars
THREE LARGE BAR(S) PATCHOULI VANILLA AROMA - 5.5 oz. each bar An aromatic blend to will you back to the 1960's. For the last 16 years this has been my most popular scent, by far. HOW I MAKE SOAP ******************** I use the cold processed method (also called the "kettle" method), to make my homemade soaps, which is the traditional technique used for centuries.. This timeless approach creates a pure soap that gently cleans without stripping away natural body oils. Glycerin, a naturally occurring by-product of producing soap, remains in the bars to moisturize the skin. Natural home made soap leaves no film or residue on your skin thereby allowing your skin to "breath". I hand stir each batch and cure it for 4 weeks so that every soap bar produces a rich and creamy lather that gently cleanses the skin. VEGAN FRIENDLY ******************** My soap contains no Animal fats, by-products or testing, and no petroleum oil so be rest assured when you use my Earthly Delight Natural Homemade Soap you are respecting your body and our environment. PLANET FRIENDLY ******************** I am confident that once you try my soap you will instantly feel the difference between the mass-produced, chemically filled "soap" and my wholesome "make you feel good" rich lathering soap. Your skin will feel great when it is no longer a haven for all the harsh chemicals found in commercial products and our planet will benefit when you use products designed to use our resources without abusing them. Soap & wrap is biodegradable and Earth Friendly (each bar is hand cut and is not intended to be perfect AND cure time affects exact weight) Please keep in mind that my handmade soap is a creative process and each and every batch and bar is different. I try and keep photos true to the current batch in stock, but they do vary in look, slightly or greatly, depending on my mood, but they are always, always, the same aroma and base soap recipe - just the visual may change.