Honeysuckle Natural Soap Bar | THREE 5.5 oz. Bars
Hand crafted, natural soap with ingredients like organic palm oil intentionally choosen to create an all vegan and environment safe bar of soap that is perfect for all skin types. - THREE Generous 5.5 oz. handmade floral soap scented bars (give or take a tad) - Safe for the earth - Recycled paper label - Organic Palm Oil used for wild animal safety - Made in beautiful Florida, USA - Leaves no film or residue on your skin, allowing your skin to "breath" Our artisan crafted soap is a creative process intentionally created so that each batch and bar is different. Yeah, we do that on purpose. We try and keep photos true to the current batch in stock, but they do vary in look, slightly or greatly, depending on how the soap maker is feeling that day, but they are always, always, the same aroma and base soap recipe - just the look of the soap may change a bit.