Soft Cream Scarf with Purple and Pink Flowers and Soft Green Leaves
This scarf is reminiscent of a spring/summer garden trellis with flowers and leaves climbing over it. It is crocheted with an open pattern to resemble a trellis. The vine climbs all over the trellis and links the flowers and leaves. This scarf features two large flowers, one in soft pink and the other in a coordinating purple each has a "pearl" bead in the center. Each end of this scarf has one of the large flowers on it. This scarf also features smaller pink and purple flowers along the vine. With the flowers you will also find beautifully hand crocheted leaves in a soft green. It measures approximately 9.5 inches wide and 80 inches long. Click on the link below to view the coordinating hat. This scarf is crocheted by hand with 100% acrylic yarn and the beads are hand sewn. Hand washing is recommended due to the beads. Made in Corona, CA. United States.