Custom Long Hair Yorkie Urn Yorkshire Terrier Pet Portrait Memorial To Your Dog's Photo
Custom Long Hair Yorkie Urn Yorkshire Terrier Pet Portrait Memorial To Your Dog’s Photo Complete urn - Includes custom sculpture, urn box, and custom engraved tag CUSTOM ORDER - No returns or cancellations once ordered. For more options come visit me at Creation Times For standard orders, must allow creation time stated on the listing. Will be sooner if possible. Could take longer if I am extremely busy or have issues. I put a LOT of time and care into every pet portrait urn that I make. I need a complete view of your pet all the way around in order to paint him/her. Please provide at the very least 4 good reference photos of your dog IN COLOR (no black and whites) - front, sides, and back, especially markings. The more photos the better. Urn 30 cubic inch volume will hold the remains of a pet 30 lbs or less, prior to cremation Container is 6" long, 4" wide, and 2.75" tall TSA Approved Catalpa wood urn Yorkie in basket sculptures are 6 1/2” long, x 4 1/2” wide x 3 1/8” tall And permanently attached to the top of the bottom loading urn. Engraved name plate 3” long by 1” tall or 3” x 2” tall Attached by tiny screws Up to 3 lines of text. 30 characters at most per line. Exaple: (Pawprints) Lilly (Pawprints) You were my favorite hello And my hardest goodbye March 3, 2005 - October 16, 2021 Default image on tags is pawprints in the corners. You will receive pawprints unless you ask for another - I can put hearts, music notes, and lots of other icons, please ask and I will see what my software offers. One choice only not multiples. Available as shown without wings or with wings, in basket or fluffy bed I do not custom sculpt each figure to the individual dog. I customize long hair, ears, tail, tongue if needed to your photos and paint it exactly like your dog. Figure is as shown in the photos. Additional customization is also available Handpainted in acrylics and cleared with a matte clear coat. How This Works You must send photos of your pet here on Etsy messaging, not to my email as it gets lost. Click Message Seller and then click the photo icon on the message to send your photos three at a time. At that time please let me know if there is anything you want added on your urn (ie collar, tags, toys, point out special markings) if you did not add it in the box with the tag inscription. If it's important to you, it's important to me. FAQ's How will I know you are working on my order? ***You will know I am working on yours as I will probably have a question or two about your order, or need more photos. After that, you will have to wait. I have 20 to 30 orders at any given time on Etsy. These are completed in the order they are received. How will I know when it is finished? ***You will know that your urn has been completed when I send photos of it to you. Please wait until I do so instead of messaging me and asking if it is finished. How will I know when it has shipped? ***You will know when it has shipped when you receive a shipping notification with tracking number. I will contact you with photos before I ship the urn. If I get no response in 12 hours it will ship the next day. I do not guarantee delivery dates on ANY item. Delays can and do occur. Crematories provide you with a small urn for your pet's ashes. Please use this as a temporary urn. You must remove the cremains from the temporary urn. You cannot fit the temporary urn inside this one. I really do understand that you are going through a loss and it is life changing. However, you will have to order and wait until I am done with your urn. Likewise please do not constantly message me for updates. This takes me away from the work I am trying to do and I cannot answer constant messages. I have a limit of a reasonable number of messages, five or less. SHIPPING ****I can ONLY send to the address on your account.***** It is your responsibility to make sure that the address on your account is current. Please make sure the address is correct BEFORE you order. I can not be held responsible for items sent to a wrong address for ANY reason. Do not ask me to remember to send it to another address. I can not be expected to remember things like this. I DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS OR CANCELLATIONS on my handmade, custom painted urns. Your order is a contract for a custom artwork that is not returnable or refundable for ANY REASON. If you change your mind the urn you ordered is still yours. Please make sure you really want the item before you order it. Important Please Read Please take a hard look at the photos you send me for reference. My paintjob will only be as good as your photos. If you send blurry photos shot indoors with incandescent light, the color of the pet will be greatly affected due to the orange/yellow light source. This offcolor will be reflected on the paintjob. Your urn may look different than you expected because of this. It is your responsibility to send true colored photos that are complete of all sides of your pet and especially markings. I cannot be held responsible for matching bad photos with bad lighting. Indoor only - not for outdoor use.