Tiny Top Hat- Parasol fabric- Mini top hat- Jade tiny top hat- One of a kind tiny top hat- FREE SHIPPING
This Tiny Top Hat is so much fun! The mini hat hat is made with a parasol fabric, and has white andgreen ribbon around the base of the hat. On the front and side of the hat, there is a green fish, an Asian coin, blue feathers with black tips and jade beads on pins. Think bobby pins won't stay in your hair? Think again! The bobby pins are assisted by felt on the bottom of the hat. The felt grabs your hair while the pins pinch it against the felt. It works so well! The last photo is an example of what this size hat looks like being worn. To see more modeled photos, please visit https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.477832582318197.1073741866.212779405490184&type=3 US shipping included in the cost of this listing. This hat is approximately 3" tall and 5" across at the brim. Each hat is one of a kind, so there is some variation in size and shape. The color may appear different due to differences in computer screens. Because I NEVER use pre-built hats, I am able to keep my costs low by using re-purposed materials for the hats. Because I have been doing this for a long time, I've gotten pretty quick at it, also allowing me to keep costs low :) Want something custom? Request an item whenever you're ready, and we'll discuss the specifics of what you'd like! Check out Down with Plumes on Facebook or on the website at www.downwithplumes.com