Cute Coloring Teddy Bear Blank Note Cards
Coloring blank note cards of cute and whimsy teddy bears as wizard, fairy and holding a flower, printed on hand cut heavy watercolor paper. Coloring is very relaxing for adults as well as for children and these guys are very cute and whimsical. The original drawing is pen and inked and then scanned into my computer. I hand cut a heavy good watercolor paper (strathmore) that is good for markers, light watercolor painting (not too much water) and even though it is textured it is a soft paper that can take a sharp colored pencil. I spray each card so smearing of ink is lessened and I even experimented with different mediums to see how the paper stood up, very pretty! I finally number and sign each card (not in photo but will be) I consider my cards as a mini print that are an open edition. I print all my cards here in my smoke free studio. They are packaged in an archival clear envelope and tied with raffia into a pretty bow. This is a good gift for someone with a package of markers or for yourself to color and then frame or to use. Cards come with white envelopes.