Dried Flower Memory Memorial Beads Bracelet Polymer Clay Jewelry Wedding Bridal Anniversary Vacation Pageant Bouquet
Dried Flower Flowers Memorial Keepsake Earrings Jewelry Funeral Wedding Bridal Baby Vacation Pageant Military Sentimental Gift Polymer Clay Now you can take flowers from a special occasion, such as a wedding, funeral, etc. and let me turn them into beautiful jewelry that you can wear and treasure !! What a great way to do something with those flowers that you don't know what to do with, but are too sentimental to throw away !! I use YOUR dried flowers from sentimental occasions such as funeral flowers, wedding flowers, vacation, engagement, anniversary, baby, birthday, etc. to make special keepsakes. **The jewelry in the photos is just representative of what you will receive. Your jewelry will be made using YOUR flowers. Different color flowers will of course produce different results. I can also tint the clay if you would like, you will just need to let me know what color. I can tint the clay any color, except for black. *** Please note: Not all flowers hold their color when placed under heat, which is what happens during the curing process for the clay. Lighter color roses tend to sometimes fade to a light yellow or brownish color. Dark red roses, turn a very, very deep dark color. It all depends on the flower, not every flower reacts the same way so there is unfortunately no guarantee that your color will turn out as bright and vibrant as the flowers are in their fresh or even dried state. All flowers will show through the clay, regardless of their color, even white. If you have flowers that have been dyed, the dye may affect the color of the clay. Greenery looks great when mixed with the flowers. Whatever the color of the flowers, your item will still be a reflection of your occasion or loved one. *** You will need to mail your flowers to me. If they are still fresh or damp, please place them between layers of dry paper towels, and then into a box or large envelope to mail them to me. Please do not place them into any kind of plastic (baggie, saran wrap, etc).I will take them out and dry them once they get to me. If they are already dry, you may place them into a ziplock bag and then into a box or envelope. My address will be provided once you place your order. Once I finish your order, I will ship it to you. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Bracelets normally run between 7" and 7 1/2" in length, if you need it larger or smaller, please let me know. This listing is specifically for a bracelet, but I also have other memory items available :