distrActions, set 1
Do you know someone who’s hurting? Whether it’s an illness or injury, rehab or hospice, loss or anxiety, you want to help but your options are few. You know that one card isn't enough and phone calls aren't a good option either. Answering the phone can sometimes be an unwelcome interruption. We were there once, too. Two of our relatives, one young & one old, were battling cancer at the same time at opposite ends of the country. They faced long ordeals and even longer odds. Since we believe that laughter is a good medicine, we started sending them both the same original silly postcards twice a week. They each survived for about six months and later both of their nearest told us how they came to look forward to those lighthearted little snail mail blips on their otherwise bleak horizons. Well, we’re going public with them now. We call them “Distractions” and we offer them in two collections of 25 cards each, 50 different cards in all. They carry no message other than what you might write on the back. They exist only to instantly change the subject from dismal to comical and to do it over and over again. They come in the mail so they will remain as physical reminders that someone cares enough to send the very goofy-est. They may even become subject matter for future phone calls. You think the cards are immature and inane? That they are. Laughter can hurt, especially for open heart surgery survivors. Sneering or smiling is painless, and that sneer will, after a few more cards, turn to a smile. These cards are also completely neutral. No matter what the recipient's beliefs might be these cards won't offend them. After getting the first few cards the receivers might even start to wonder what the next one will be. That's a mission accomplished. Just fill in the address and brighten someone’s life. That's why they're called Distractions. We sell the cards for approximately $.75 each. Both sets come with 25 postcard stamps, an $8.50 value. With packaging and shipping they sell for $35/set. Buy both sets at once and we'll give you a $5 rebate.