Vitamin C + Rose Hip Seed Oil Daily Repair Mist
Experience the "glow" power! Vitamin C is a key component in maintaining collagen. The vitamin C in your skin is naturally lost with age, exposure to environmental pollutants UV rays and cigarette smoke further the decline of vitamin C. Rose hip seed oil is rich in antioxidants including vitamin C, vitamin A, linoleic and linolenic acid. Perfect for all skin types, oily, acne prone, dry and sensitive. Here's what our happy customers are saying! "I love how it brightens my skin! After only using it two days, my coworkers started teasing me about “pregnancy” glow. It was super light and didn’t weight my skin down at all, you don’t even know it’s on! My skin looks amazingly smooth and did I mention GLOWING! More please!" "I love how easy it was to apply and enjoyed the calming scents. What I'm liking the most is the effect its having on my acne and tone of my face. It's clearing up my face and adding a glow which as anyone knows adds a glow to the heart." Subtly scented of energizing citrus, pink grapefruit and sweet jasmine. For Best Results: Use in the morning in conjunction with sunscreen on clean skin. Shake bottle well, spray 2-4 into palm of hand, pat on face and neck, rub remainder on back of hands and allow to dry for a few minutes before starting normal skincare routine. Alternatively, just spray directly on your face. Use in the evening, before using a moisturizer. Ingredients: Organic aloe vera juice, organic rose water, 10% L-Ascorbic acid, organic rose hip seed oil, 100% vitamin E oil, vegetable glycerin, organic pink grapefruit essential oil, organic jasmine essential oil. One bottle is equivalent to approximately 400 sprays. Product is packaged in a two ounce glass amber bottle with spray atomizer top.