24 sheets 1/4 inch thickness 12 inch  W x 12 inch H Baltic Birch Plywood
*** This package includes 24 sheets Baltic Birch Plywood. *** 1/4" or 6mm thick. *** Actual Measurements: 12" x 12". *** The highest quality Grade B/BB Baltic Birch Plywood Sheets. *** This B/BB-grade hardwood made from top-quality Baltic Birch. The face veneer features a beautifully smooth and clean surface that is free from knots, plugs, and open cracks or splits, while the back surface typically has 1-2 small color-matched patches. *** The smooth surface of the face side allows for convenient painting, stenciling, staining, and wood burning, perfect for laser cutting; engraving; carving. *** USPS Priority mail, will be delivered in 1-3 Days.