I'm Knots About You - Pink Cotton Hand Crocheted Valentines Bracelet with Red Cinnabar Carved Heart #B00142
Hand made crafted in VA by me! This bracelet is made with pink cotton crocheted I made the thread 1/8"tick. In the middle I used knot finished with a decorative 3D Cinnabar Carved Red heart. Very light weight with silver plate clasps. The Bracelet is small 6 1/2"- 17 cm long . As with all my jewelry pieces, I sell only the designs that I love that meet my style and visual standards. I hope you like what I created for you...( if you have some ideas, I can create something special just for you.) Visit my shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/DesignImagesLLC?ref=hdr_shop_menu to check more of my original designs.