Goat Milk Soap Farmers Market assortment, Black Cherry,Ginger Lime, Blackberry , Orange, sensitive / dry skin, eco friendly, cold process
`Our Goat Milk Soap will delight your skin! This is a listing for 4 of our full sized Olive Oil Bars! You will get one each of the following: Blackberry, this one has Shea Butter in it and smells fantastic, no debate about that! Black Cherry makes me long for Cherry Season, you really do get the notes of fresh juicy cherries! Ginger Lime is always very popular, it also has soothing Avocado oil in it, so it's really wonderful for your skin. Last but not least is our Sundance, which is a blend of orange, tangerine and grapefruit. It's our number 2 seller! (Rainforrest is number one in case you wondered!) All of our soap is made in the centuries old "cold Process" method and cured several weeks to ensure a nice hard long-lasting bar for you! Each 4.5 ounce bar is made with Olive Oil for its moisturizing properties, coconut oil (fluffy lather) Soybean oil, Goat Milk (see below) Glycerine (helps maintain the skins moistiure) Honey (emollient)Avocado Oil and Vitamin E, We used Goat milk in these bars because it's fabulous for sensitive or dry skin. We used to make the soap without it and once we tries it we never went back!! It makes the pH of the soap much closer to our skin's own natural pH and adds B vitamins as well. We also love the creaminess of the lather the Goat Milk provides. We are happy to include FREE samples in each of our orders. REVIEWS: "Everything about this purchase was great, right down to the packaging. Perfect amount of scent, lathers great and feels smooth on your skin! Very pleased and will be back for more!" "The go-to Etsy shop for soap! My daughter uses this for her sensitive skin, and loves every scent available." "Family favorite for soaps!! They all smell delicious, feel great on the skin and most of all, nearly eliminates my eczema. I cannot rave more about Carla's soaps!"