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Pink Kaolin Clay is great for your skin, it helps to draw out the imputities in the skin,. The nice thing with these bars is that in addition to the clay, they are also made with olive oil, so it's a nice balance for your skin. These bars are very special and we know you will enjoy them. Your first selection is our Casablanca. It's a really special blend of Lavender/Tea Tree and Orange Essential OIls. It's also a great shaving soap! The other selection you will get is our newest soap, Murray. It was actually inspired by our stripey cat Murray, so it's named in his honor! The "stripes" are ribbons of pink clay and the scent on this is the cat's pajamas! It's a blend of Jasmine and Tahitian Gardenia, and we have also added Shea Butter to this bar too!. All of our soaps are made in the centiries old "cold Process method" and cured several weeks so that you'll get a nice long lasting, mild bar of soap. You can even use this on your face of you like, and the guys enjoy shaving with them as well. We use Olive Oil for it's moisturizing properties, coconut oil for it's fluffy lather, honey because it's an emollient and of course Goat Milk for sensitive skin. We are confident that you will enjoy these fabulous soaps! Of course we'll also tuck a couple samples in your order for you too!