Handmade Goat Milk Soaps in Hawaiian Ginger and Almond Oatmeal ,Oatmeal Soap,Macadamia Oil Soap,olive oil soap, soap,sweet almond oil soap,
Goat Milk Soap is amazing for your skin! Our Almond Oatmeal bar is just what dry skin craves! We have added Sweet Almond Oil to the finely ground oatmeal and the decadent Marzipan scent. mmm! Your other selection our Hawaiian Ginger. You may also know this scent as Awapuii Flower or White Ginger. It's a gorgeous soft floral to which we have added Macadamia oil, very decadent and your skin will love all the added vitamins! We use Goat Milk in all of our soap so that it's especially good for sensitive skin, and you will love the B Vitamins and creamy lather too! We use Olive Oil for it's moisturizing properties and coconut oil for the fluffy lather. We also use raw honey from our local Farmers Market, it's an emollient, makes your skin so soft! You will also receive a couple of free samples! :-)