Warm Floral Collection of Goat Milk Soap, complimentary samples, cold process , handmade olive oils soap, sensitive skin, gift, dry skin
Warm floral is our best description of the wonderful Goat Milk soaps you will get! They smell amazing and are so mild for your skin. They would make an excellent gift for a friend or a nice treat for yourself! Each 4.5 ounce bar of soap is handmade in small batches to ensure the highest quality. YOu will get one each of the following: Paisley Rose is our vintage rose scent with sandalwood blended in. We love that the sandalwood takes away a bit of the sweetness and really creates a nice, balanced scent, it's just right! It has a pretty purple ribbon of color in it too. Murray is a gorgeous blend of jasmine and Tahitian Gardenia with pink Kaolin Clay, so it's an excellent complexion bar too. It's called Murray because it was inspired by our stripey cat, Murray! The "stripes" are the clay, each one is a little different. It's a REALLY nice scent!! We also have Shea Butter in this bar for you. If you'd like a couple more floral soaps, we also have this collection for you https://www.etsy.com/listing/123946987 You'll also get our Gardenia, which is very true to the flower, sweet and clean smelling, without being too overpowering, we came across a lot of those, but it makes this one stand out! And last but not least is the popular Petals, which is based on Tahitian Gardenia, or Tiarre Flower, it's also made with Shea Butter. It's a very special scent, exotic and intoxicating. All of our soap is made in the centuries old "cold Process" method and cured several weeks to ensure a nice hard long-lasting bar for you! Each 4.5 ounce bar is made with Olive Oil for its moisturizing properties, coconut oil (fluffy lather) Soybean oil, Goat Milk (see below) Glycerine (helps maintain the skins moistiure) Honey (emollient) Vitamin E. We used Goat milk in these bars because it's fabulous for sensitive or dry skin. We used to make the soap without it and once we tried it we never went back!! It makes the pH of the soap much closer to our skin's own natural pH and adds B vitamins as well. We also love the creaminess of the lather the Goat Milk provides. We get the fresh Goat Milk from a friend of ours. We are happy to include FREE samples in your order!