Delsey's Treasures

Handcrafted in the USA

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Riverview, FL
Owned By
Delsey Webb
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Shop with Delsey’s Treasures secure online Aftcra store with confidence! Each of our special and unique pieces of jewelry is hand-crafted and inspected to ensure quality and workmanship. We gladly invite you to immerse yourself in examining closely each listed item as you anticipate your purchases. We take pride in providing high quality fine sterling silver, gemstone, pearl, and base-metal jewelry for our valued customers, and we gladly accept Master Card, Visa through PayPal. These are just a few of our satisfied customer's comments: "I really love the quality of Delseys Treasures jewelry. The customer service is suberb and the jewelry is very unique. I'm a huge fan of sterling silver of the higest quality! It is worth every penny! :)" KW: NY " The ring that I received is absolutely beautiful. The quality is tops!! I look forward to getting more of your pieces." TS: Tampa, Florida "I simply love your site, I had the privilege of purchasing some of your pieces at a home jewelry show, and not only are they of high quality, but the prices are excellent! I will shop with you again! Thank you for providing beautiful jewelry at my convenience!" DW: New York City "The quality of the jewelry is superb, customer service, outstanding! I have a variety of pieces purchased over a two year period, as Delsey's Treasures is a personal buyer for me. I am quite impressed and very excited about my next purchase!" S. Montalvo: Wilmington, NC "I had no idea I would find this beautiful bracelet for such an awesome unexpected bargain. I paid $149 at a Delsey's Treasures home jewelry show when I had seen one online for $300!" XPerez: New York "I can't believe I got a bargain like this with this type of quality. I saw the same set for well over $300, but I purchased this one from a Delsey's Treasures home jewelry show for under $179." GS: Tampa, Florida
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