Cultured Pearl and Pyrite Bracelet
This beautiful, pearl and pyrite bracelet is hand-made in the USA by D. Broxton. Featuring peacock colored fresh water pearls and sparkling pyrite, this bracelet is sure to add a touch of class to any outfit. Finished with a silver barrel clasp. As spiritual tokens, pearls are said to assist in calming and centering, as well as nurture your faith, loyalty, integrity and purity. They are also strong symbols of femininity, helping women connect with their "inner goddesses" and obtain the ultimate "feminine energy." Perhaps most importantly, it is said that pearls have specific frequencies of energy vibrations which can re-balance deficiencies in the human body when they are worn. Pyrite is one of the most grounding stones. It is used for focus, practicality, and logic. The bracelet measures 7.25" and will fit great on a 7" wrist.