Yemayá/Ocean Spirit Bracelet
This beaded bracelet is handmade in the USA by D. Broxton. Inspired by the spirit of Yemayá, one of the most powerful Orisha's in the Ifá/Yoruba religion, this bracelet embodies the mother of all the waters of the Earth. Made of blue Czech Picasso beads, white shell beads, and a single cowrie shell, this bracelet is finished in silver plated cord and a gold plated barrel clasp. Sized for a standard women's 6.5" to 7" wrist. The colors white and blue reflect Yemayá's water as well as her nurturing, protective, and fruitful energy. Her sacred number is 7. As such, the bracelet features six shell-shaped sections made of white shell beads and the seventh is the center cowrie shell. *Please note that I am NOT an initiate of the Ifé religion. As such this bracelet has not been consecrated by a priest or priestess.